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Featured Team member: Jalon Sortor

Featured Team member: Jalon Sortor

On December 5, 2018,

My military and college education and practical experience maintaining aircraft is directly applied to my professional career here at Momentum.

Jalon Sortor, a 20-plus year veteran of the aviation industry, credits his father for inheriting a passion for the mechanical trade. “As a child I was right there, deep in the engine bay, tearing down engines and drive-trains, repairing them and reassembling.” 

He was intrigued by the notion of each component having its purpose in operation and harmonizing with other internal components in an effort to function as “a well oiled machine.”

One might consider engineering his true calling, evidenced by his childhood as well as his response while reflecting on what he would do if money was no concern. He would chose to work on old muscle cars and vintage planes; not too far off from his engineering role at Momentum.

However, as a self-proclaimed culinary whiz, it’s quite possible he might be found opening a restaurant in another life. Though you may first want to ask his family and friends, the recipients of his cooking, if that idea is plausible.

Despite their culinary approval, or lack thereof, Jalon’s family provides inspiration and a great sense of accomplishment. He is able to extract life lessons from his family and apply them to his work and vice versa.

While recognizing the challenges of parenting, he is grateful for the opportunity to teach his children how motivation, dedication, honesty and initiative is key to a successful career.

Jalon also credits education for providing the tools to help teach his kids in their pursuits as well as others who may not have the knowledge needed to accomplish their goals. You could say he applies a similar philosophy to his clients.

“What can I do to give the customer the best experience possible?” This question is at the heart of Jalon’s client interaction and constantly drives his approach to successfully completing projects. Whether it’s improving an existing product or creating new ones, he aims to take customer concepts and apply his experience and knowledge to produce something real from their vision.

Jalon recognizes that each client and situation is different and makes it a priority to establish those individual needs and wants. With a genuine passion for customer experience, he works diligently to make his clients feel they are his top priority while establishing a solid connection based on communication, understanding, and providing adequate advice and tools for them to thoroughly understand the project and its processes.

Jalon considers working at Momentum a great experience and is continually impressed by the complementary set of skills each team member consistently brings to the table.

He credits owners Dan and Kyle for their enthusiasm, dedication, and willingness to understand their employees and clients and react to their needs. “I am fortunate to be part of such a dynamic team and glad to contribute my skills and knowledge.”