Momentum Aeronautics


What does Experience mean for you?

In an engineering environment the value of experience comes in several forms. Probably the most critical elements are the ability to make good choices and make good assumptions. Many engineers can over-engineer and anyone can under-engineer, but it takes a good engineer to use their experience to take something to the right level. A good engineer will dig deep enough to have an understanding of the important elements, but will leave the science projects to someone else.

At Momentum Aeronautics we take pride in our work, but a pretty report at the end of the day is not the goal. The goal is to help you complete something practical. Until something is completed it isn’t worth much. At Momentum you get decades of combined engineering experience, but more importantly you get a company who is laser-focused on getting you to completion.

What do our customers have to say?

I have had the pleasure of working with Momentum Aeronautics’ Dan Garrett for many years and more recently Kyle Taylor and Stephanie Smith to help Turbo Air Inc. navigate the engineering and FAA paper work processes for several custom aircraft projects. What I like and appreciate about this team is their ‘Can Do’ approach to each engineering challenge I manage to throw at them and great communication from the outset of each project. I believe it’s rare to be able to pick up the phone and talk through a project with a team of DER’s and literally solve some problems before they even become a problem.  That’s time and money saved and another satisfied customer who gets what they asked for.  It’s easy to recommend Momentum Aeronautics for their services to our industry and I look forward to keeping a great working relationship.

Ian Norgrove
Special Projects Manager
Turbo Air Inc.
Boise, Idaho

This STC project was the fastest and most effective one we have ever completed. We were delighted with how things turned out on this program. We continue to work with Momentum on many other engineering projects and look forward to more completions in the future.

Marty McCaslin
VP of Engineering
Aircraft Structures International Corp
Enid, Okhaloma