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Project and Engineering Tools

This page includes project, engineering and instructional tools to aid our customers in meeting and understanding their challenges, and how Momentum can help.

How much will my project cost and how long will it take?

Do you want to know how much we charge and/or how much your potential project is going to cost? Are you trying to figure out if a project is worth it to complete? At Momentum, we love to talk about engineering projects – and we would be happy to discuss your challenge, and guide you to a solution. Transparent pricing is important to us –  so is communication. Customers seeking information for their project can contact us using any of the following methods:

  1. Call 651.419.1261 or e-mail us at – one of our engineers will get back to you ASAP, or
  2. Click the Facebook Chat badge below to chat with a member of our engineering team, or
  3. (The best method) Complete this contact form so we know how to get back to you, then either:
    1. Download this Standard Pricing and Job Request Form. Complete the form, and e-mail it with any attachments to Feel free to attach sketches, photos or any other information in your e mail that think might help to describe your challenge, or
    2. Complete this online form and hit “Submit.”

We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss you project after receiving your query.

Engineering Checklist Tools

  1. Momentum Form 00-903-56-01, Conformity Inspection Checklist
    1. This checklist should be used by design approval applicants under 14 CFR part 21 in the course of executing conformity inspections.
    2. In MS Word format: 00-903-56-01 N-C Conformity Inspection Checklist
    3. In Adobe Acrobat format  00-903-56-01 N-C Conformity Inspection Checklist
  2. Momentum Form 00-903-56-02, Major Alteration/Repair Checklist, including
    1. Special purpose checklist – Aircraft antenna and skin doubler installations
      1. This checklist should be used by applicants and maintiners adding standard type antennas and accomodating cutouts in skins
    2. Special purpose checklist – Small camera exterior and interior installations
      1. This checklist should be used by applicants and maintainers adding small interior and exterior cameras to aircraft and rotorcraft.
    3. MS Word format: 00-903-56-02 N-C Major Repair and Alteration Engineering Checklist
    4. In Adobe Acrobat format: 00-903-56-02 N-C Major Repair and Alteration Engineering Checklist

Checklists are available in both MS Word and Adobe Acrobat format; they may be completed electronically or by hand and submitted to for evaluation and project initiation.

Instructional References:

  1. 2016 A&P/IA renewal, “Use of FAA DERs for Major Repairs and Alterations.”  This presentation outlines the basic tenants of engineering support for major repairs and alterations, with supporting project examples: Click here for presentation slides.
  2. Video Presentation: FAA Approved Production Systems – Kyle Taylor presents to Air Corps Aviation.  This presentation includes an outline of all the basic operating units comprising an FAA approved quality system for approved production. Click here for a link to the You Tube video of the presentation.

…More to come soon!

We are always updating and adding to our library of tools, and we value your feedback.  Please contact us with any questions at