Momentum Aeronautics


Momentum Aeronautics is a full service Engineering Company. Some of the services we provide to clients include:

Engineering Design
We support our clients by translating their design concepts in to detailed specifications and drawings that can be approved by the FAA for aircraft use.  We provide adept combination of the most modern technology, practical experience and engineering expertise and specializes in design work for aircraft types ranging from light general aviation singles to multi-engine turboprops.  Our support services include expert engineering for the design of aircraft components, systems and modifications.

Our design services include the following capabilities:

  • Aircraft modification design including powerplant and propeller changes, amphibious float installations, new or modified landing gear, external stores and cameras, aerodynamic changes and modifications, structural reinforcements and cutouts, new doors and windows, extended range fuel system installations, electrical systems changes, battery relocations, antenna installations, special mission, restricted category and public use modifications, restoration and rebuilding, custom seating and cabin interiors and medical system interior design…. See our Experience page <link> for more examples of our project support experience.
  • Single part designs for FAA PMA purposes, from the simple to the complex
  • Designs for major repairs and alterations under 14 CFR Part 43, and for FAA Certified Repair Stations (CRS) under 14 CFR Part 145.
  • Three dimensional parametric computer modeling in a variety of software suites
  • Detailed design drawings, including complete GD&T specifications for aerospace use
  • Three dimensional laser scanning through Aircorps Aviation, from small parts to large assemblies – including interpretation and translation of scan data to useable information for detailed drawing and CNC machining use
  • Reverse engineering, from individual components to assemblies

See our Experience and Bio pages listing examples of projects that we have contributed to, or helped complete.

Engineering Analysis
We combine classical analysis techniques with modern technology to provide a suite of analysis services.  We provide expert services in the areas of structural, powerplant, systems and flight analysis regimes through our in-house staff, or by our select network of contractors and designees.  Our broad capabilities and interdisciplinary understanding of modern and classical techniques provides our customers complete coverage for their project or product – there is no need to shop around for all the experts you need, We provide them in a complete or partial package, depending on each customer’s specific goals. Analytical technology tools are used to accelerate the rate of change at which design work may be completed, reducing calendar time and increasing flexibility for our clients.

Testing Services
We provide a broad and expert range of testing services based on knowledge and experience in support of aircraft, product or modification approvals through FAA approved programs.  Our experienced in-house engineers and select network of contractors provides a complete base of FAA product and modification approval coverage.  Momentum provides experienced support for:

  • Structural static and dynamic testing, covering small components to complete aircraft primary structure
  • Turbine and piston powerplant installation testing, including fuel system and/or engine changes
  • Electrical and mechanical systems ground/flight testing, from the smallest design modification to complete aircraft rewiring and new systems installations
  • Flight testing, including research and development, show compliance testing and type inspections authorizations (TIA) through the FAA for significant aircraft modifications or new type programs.

FAA DER Services
We provide Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) in a wide range of disciplines, for normal and transport aircraft FAA design approval programs.  Our designees are appointed as experts in their field, and are authorized to approve certain types of data and witness testing in support of FAA design and modification approval projects under 14 CFR Part 21 (TC, STC, PMA).  They also work directly with owner/operators in support of data approvals for major repairs and alterations under 14 CFR Part 43.

Our in-house and affiliated DERs cover the following FAA designations:

  • Normal and transport category aircraft, static structural and design and construction approval authority for the complete airframe, including composite materials and interior compliance inspection
  • Normal category aircraft, powerplant installation  and modification approval authority for turbine and piston engines
  • Normal and transport category electrical systems approval
  • Major repair and alteration data approval authority in the structural, powerplant, electrical systems and flight test disciplines, including major alteration flight manual approval
  • Normal and transport category aircraft and rotorcraft icing for airframe and powerplant
  • Normal and transport category aircraft structural dynamics, including GVT and flight vibration measurements
  • Normal and transport category aircraft flight testing, including Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement approval
  • Momentum is also able to obtain special request delegations for 14 CFR Part 27 and 29 normal and transport rotorcraft, particularly for medical interior installations, including major repairs and alterations.

FAA DAR and Inspection Services
FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative services in support of 14 CFR Part 21 aircraft design or modification approvals.  Our DARs have practical experience and understand the entire continuity of the inspection process.  Momentum Aero specifically provides:

  • Conformity inspection services, FAA form 8100-1 without limitation
  • FAA form 8130-3 airworthiness approval tag issuance for new parts at production approval holders facilities located in the United States without limitation
  • Experimental Airworthiness certificate issuance in the R&D and show compliance categories in support of modifications or new product development
  • Onsite support and associated FAA coordination
  • Capability to assist with conformity inspection plans to help minimize inspection and airworthiness program risk early-on in the product lifecycle

DAR services are provided by in-house personnel and our affiliates.

FAA Aircraft Flight Manuals (AFM) and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)
Momentum Aero generates draft AFM, AFM Supplements (AFMS) and ICA as part of FAA design and modification approval programs, and as part of major repair and alteration programs.  Our staff understands the relevant FAA requirements and works with the client and appropriate DERs to ensure document contents are as complete as possible before FAA submission.  Once submitted, Momentum Aero follows the document through smartly to FAA approval, with any necessary FAA Aircraft Evaluation Group (AEG) coordination or Aircraft Certification office change requirements.

Our affiliated flight test DER has Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement approval authority, including for aircraft major alterations.  This authority expands the range of data approval options we can offer to our clients who are performing aircraft alterations under 14 CFR Part 43.

Our expert team applies a comprehensive understanding of the most recent FAA AFMS and ICA requirements, yielding FAA approved, practical and high quality documentation for our clients in the least amount of time.  When appropriate, we use GAMA specifications for completion of aircraft operational documents for light aircraft.  For transport aircraft, we may often use appropriate IATA specifications.

FAA Certification Management Services
We provide our clients a unique experience when it comes to managing large FAA design or modification approval programs: we understand the complete product life cycle, we apply interdisciplinary engineering ability to each element of that cycle, and we use modern technology and proven management techniques.  Momentum Aero has extensive experience managing a wide range of FAA approval projects such as:

  • FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)
  • FAA Part Manufacturing Approvals (PMA)
  • FAA Type Certificates (TC)
  • FAA Technical Standard Orders (TSO)

Our project management experience includes completion of all manner of FAA certification procedures documents such as:

  • Project specific certification plans (PSCP)
  • Conformity inspection plans
  • Issue papers covering a wide range of compliance
  • Special conditions
  • Alternate means of compliance for Airworthiness Directives
  • Equivalent levels of safety
  • Airworthiness Directive drafts and manufacturer’s service letters

Additionally we provide an optional online project management portal for clients who select that service.  The online portal, through, provides each client and stakeholder transparent and continuous communication as to the status of each project detail.  This information is accessible both on mobile, desktop and web enabled devices.  Momentum Aero uses the “SCRUM” method of project management when appropriate.  Use of this project management technique combined with cutting edge online planning tools yields consistent results for our clients, while providing an unsurpassed level of communication and information.

DER Approved Repairs and Alterations
We provide comprehensive DER support for aircraft/rotorcraft major repairs and alteration data approvals covering structural, powerplant, electrical and mechanical systems and flight test engineering disciplines.

Our repair and alteration data approval capability can be employed by an owner/ operator under 14 CFR Part 43, or by a Part 145 Certified Repair Station.  Our comprehensive DER services can open the door to new and flexible solutions; this powerful data approval method can add significant value or save valuable time when appropriately used. 

We understand aircraft operations, and we know that keeping an airplane flying at the right time and right place is often critical to providing exemplary service for your customer.  Momentum Aero provides AOG and onsite engineering and DER support as required to help our clients get back in the air so they can focus on the job of serving their customer.  Our Midwest location puts us anywhere within the Continental United States in a single day. 

Momentum Aero has experience in a wide range of repair and alteration programs, see our Experience page for some examples.

Fiduciary and Due Diligence Services
If you or your customer is considering the purchase of an STC or TC from an approval holder, but are unfamiliar with what to expect when evaluating STC or TC data, we can help.  Quite often an STC is purchased with the intension of modifying it or expanding it, only to discover once it has been purchased that the original data may not lend itself to changes. Additionally, with the expansion of aviation bilateral agreements all over the world often it is desired to validate an STC with a foreign airworthiness authority. This validation requires specific certification documentation that can often be missing with older STCs.  Rather than discover this after-the-fact, have the STC data evaluated prior to purchase and use this information during price negotiation.

FAA Approved Manufacturing Support
We provide both in house and contracted DAR inspection services to cover the gamut of FAA airworthiness requirements including the following:

  • Conformity inspections and issuance of FAA Form 8100-1 for parts, assemblies and aircraft installations, without limitation.
  • Special airworthiness certificate issuance in experimental categories
  • 8130-3 tag issuance for in support of existing production systems
  • Coordination and completion of airworthiness services in support of FAA Type Inspection Authorization (TIA), form 8110-1 or show compliance flight testing