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Momentum Completes Dornier Jet Carbon Brake Flight Test Program

Momentum Completes Dornier Jet Carbon Brake Flight Test Program

On March 6, 2020,

Momentum Aeronautics, LLC, has finished yet another carbon brake test at the Mansfield, Ohio Airport. This test program was completed on a Dornier DO-328 jet for an after-market carbon brake manufacturer in cooperation with Ultimate Jet Charters, LLC. Completion of this test program helped expand the company’s FAA PMA product line of friction surfaces, strengthening their position as one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of carbon-carbon brake material.

DO-328 Returns from test flight

There were several challenges to completing the FAA-sanctioned flight test program. Coordination is needed between multiple FAA manufacturing offices and the FAA aircraft certification office.  Airport coordination for fire and rescue support is also a real concern for this type of high-risk testing. Aircraft operational cost and availability is a perennial concern – operating the DO-Jet was no exception.

Keeping an eye on hot brakes

Momentum’s engineering division was ready to support and guide the customer through the testing process. Our team understands the myriad preparations required to complete a safe and effective flight test program. FAA coordination commenced immediately, with all initial paperwork receiving approval quickly. One of Momentum’s FAA designated airworthiness inspectors worked with the aircraft owner and FAA to place the aircraft in the experimental category. Aircraft support was arranged and provided by Ultimate Jet, who repositioned the aircraft to Mansfield where the Momentum test crew and FAA-designated test pilot were ready for execution with full support from airport staff, including a full fire and rescue compliment.

Wetting the runway for max weight rejected takeoff

Working as a close-knit team, everyone at the test location filled a critical role for completion. The customer was ready with experts to keep an eye on their cutting-edge materials. Ultimate Jet provided exemplary maintenance support, changing wheels and brakes with speed and precision and keeping an eye on the entire aircraft – everyone was greatly impressed by the professionalism and ability of their crew. Momentum’s engineering team and FAA-designated flight test pilot pulled the pieces together for the completion of a safe flight test program spanning three days. Our experienced engineering team processed GPS data in real-time and was able to present the flight crew and customer with immediate test results. A test report was completed while the test was being executed with a final document delivered to the FAA within one week.

The DO-328 Test Team

“Aircraft landing gear and everything surrounding them is one of our areas of considerable expertise and focus,” said Kyle Taylor, Chief Engineer. “Within this focus we have developed engineering systems for aircraft takeoff and landing testing that greatly reduce cost and improve timelines for our clients. Combine that engineering experience with our FAA certification capability and you have a powerful force for finishing safely, which is our modus operandi at Momentum.”

Testing starts early!

Momentum Aeronautics, LLC, is a full-service aircraft engineering company with a track record for project completion and support from beginning to end of the process. Our company specializes in engine installations, landing gear, and interior modifications. We have considerable experience and capabilities for STCs, repairs, alterations, and airworthiness. Momentum’s team includes a full complement of FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) and Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs) to meet your aircraft certification and airworthiness requirements.
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