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Aircraft Structures International Corp. Awarded STC for Cessna Caravan Re-life With Guidance from Momentum Aeronautics

Aircraft Structures International Corp. Awarded STC for Cessna Caravan Re-life With Guidance from Momentum Aeronautics

On June 7, 2019,

Momentum Aeronautics, LLC is excited to announce the completion of an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) awarded to Aircraft Structures International Corporation (ASIC), located in Enid, OK. The new ASIC “Phoenix Phase II” STC provides for replacement of critical empennage, wing strut and fuselage structure in the airframe of Cessna 208B aircraft. Replacement of the affected structure resets onerous inspection intervals. The reset intervals allow ASIC’s customers to significantly reduce operational aircraft costs while minimizing the risk of maintenance-based errors. The STC is already in use by significant cargo and lease operators.

ASIC faced a challenge with their Phoenix Phase II STC: Phase I was expensive and cost needed to be reduced for Phase II while keeping on a timeline that would meet their customer’s requirements. Phase II was also complicated, involving flight-critical aircraft structure subject to mandatory inspections. Significant FAA involvement would be needed. As the largest Caravan maintenance facility and rebuilder in the world, ASIC knew there was a market and had customers at the ready.

Momentum consulted with ASIC at the start of the project to define a clear path to completion. Our engineering team used their experience to identify critical tasks on the front of the project – not the back. Communications were established directly with the FAA on behalf of ASIC to develop a certification plan that met FAA requirements quickly. ASIC had assembled a considerable body of engineering data to start the project along at a quick pace. Momentum’s expert engineering team and FAA designees worked to leverage all existing data and knowledge to maximum effect. Like all projects, communications are essential; Momentum automates and maintains clear communications with the FAA and customers continuously, and this proved vital for ASIC’s Phoenix II project. The STC program was completed through the FAA Wichita Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) by Momentum and met all of ASIC’s requirements.

“This STC project was the fastest and most effective one we have ever completed,” said Marty McCaslin, ASIC VP of engineering. “We were delighted with how things turned out on this program. We continue to work with Momentum on many other engineering projects and look forward to more completions in the future.”

Momentum Aeronautics, LLC is a full-service aircraft engineering company with a track record for project completion and support from beginning to end of the process. Our company specializes in engine installations, landing gear, and interior modifications. We have considerable experience and capabilities for STCs, repairs, alterations, and airworthiness. Momentum’s team includes a full complement of FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) and Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs) to meet your aircraft certification and airworthiness requirements.

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