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Featured Team member: Nicholas Caruso

Featured Team member: Nicholas Caruso

On January 8, 2019,

Working at Momentum has been very beneficial and a great learning experience.

Passion for aerospace and aeronautics fuels Nicholas Caruso, engineer at Momentum, in his quest to continually push himself. Never one to back down from a challenge, he enjoys the opportunity to learn and think outside the box.

Working at Momentum has allowed him to get his fix, in particular at our testing facility while participating in rigging and testing products for our clients. Equipped with a CSWA certificate, Nicholas also provides CAD models and drawings to assist with the manufacturing process.

Before working at Momentum he spent 2 ½ years working as an assistant mechanic to an AI. This work experience included overhaul and rebuilding of engines and aircraft, as well as experience working with aluminum and fiberglass. The time spent under an AI has given Nicholas an understanding of rigging of cables, wiring, air-frame and landing gear configurations, and large understanding of general aircraft maintenance.

As alluded to above, Nicholas has never been afraid of failure or the opportunity to try something new. He loves working as an engineer for Momentum but would trade it all in for the chance to permanently reside on Mars as a participant in the “Mars One” project. But for now Nicholas has settled upon pursuing a Physics degree from the University of Wisconsin in River Falls.

In his spare time you might find Nicholas rebuilding engines, working on classic cars, star-gazing with his telescope, or……..busting a move. Without any further explanation (or demonstration) he claims to be “surprisingly good at dancing.”

Much like our other team members, Nicholas recognizes Momentum’s dedication to clients and attention to their specific needs. “Working with a team that is so dedicated and enthusiastic about the work we do makes working at Momentum a lot of fun. Momentum has given me great opportunities for growth; personally and professionally.”