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Featured Team Member: Abhi Henadirage

Featured Team Member: Abhi Henadirage

On December 5, 2018,

Working at Momentum has been a thrilling experience along with plenty of inspiration to become the best person of myself, both personally and professionally.

Abhiruchika (Abhi) Henadirage, Engineer, like many aviation enthusiasts, has loved flying objects since childhood.

Armed with a passion for aviation, a degree in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, and plenty of inspiration, Abhi joined the Momentum team in 2017.

As a young engineer, he considers his inclusion to be proof of his success and couldn’t ask for a better team to work with.

Abhi’s specialty consists of mastering the inner workings of complex structures such as aircraft fuselages and analyzing how wings handle inertia and aerodynamic loads. At Momentum you will often find him tasked to solve various real life engineering issues such as major repairs and float stress calculations.

A typical day for Abhi involves solving issues with cracked or damaged wing spars and restoring their strength for air worthiness. When asked about his greatest professional accomplishment, he referenced his role in the completion of a substantial engine conversion project at Momentum.

Aside from his technical knowledge, Abhi is known by co-workers and clients to be personable and adaptable to different situations, problems, and personality types. He believes the key to a successful working relationship is good communication. Understanding the clients needs and issues are among his top priorities when establishing a mutual trust in an effort to accomplish efficient solutions.

When he’s not salvaging snapped wings, you may instead find him taking snapshots. With a love for photography, Abhi strives to capture emotions of people and events. Weddings, birthdays, and graduations, for example, hold the perfect moments for his photo-journalistic vision.